27th  January 2021

Stream 1 – European Hydrogen

08:00 Registration and Coffee

09:00 Chair Opening Remarks

09:10 European Hydrogen Decarbonisation

  • Overview of the European Hydrogen Strategy
  • What is the contribution scale of hydrogen in Europe’s decarbonisation 2050 plan?
  • European countries which have already implemented national hydrogen strategies
  • Challenges, barriers and the cost of replacing natural gas with hydrogen in Europe

10:00 Review of European Projects and Case Studies

  • Pushing blue and green hydrogen projects as competitive options in the European energy sector
  • Updates on deployment and technologies for European water and steam electrolysis projects
  • How grey hydrogen producers are going to achieve zero-carbon emissions
  • Industries which are investing and shifting to hydrogen power
  • Other renewable sources and methods of hydrogen production

11:10 Coffee & Networking Break

11:40 Technologies Innovations & Low Carbon Hydrogen Production

  • How to enable European innovative and sustainable hydrogen technologies to ensure objectives are met
  • The latest  fuel cell solutions and power systems for hydrogen application and transportation
  • Infrastructure needs for low-cost and efficient blue hydrogen production
  • New generation technologies

12:40 Hydrogen for Cars, Trucks, Road and Railway Passenger Transport

  • Targets to increase hydrogen fuelling stations across Europe
  • Case studies of hydrogen-based road passenger transport
  • Potential of H2-fuelled car as a basic European vehicle in terms of cost and safety
  • Advantages of using proton-exchange membrane fuel cells in road transport
  • Analysis of existing hybrid cars and the synergy between hydrogen vehicles

14.40 Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Impact on Maritime and Ports Sector

  • How the European maritime sector is embracing pure hydrogen technologies and derivative fuel propulsion
  • Case studies of hydrogen-based passenger maritime transportation
  • Advantages of extended application of batteries and hydrogen fuel cells in ship propulsion
  • Ports which are contributing to hydrogen infrastructure development

15:30 Hydrogen Advancement in Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles & Transport Fleets

  • Finding the best innovative and technological trucks to transport hydrogen
  • Optimising cost efficiency and safety of existing methods of hydrogen road transportation technologies
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of pipeline hydrogen distribution?

16:10 Hydrogen Storage Infrastructure Analysis in Europe

  • Small and large storage facilities and capacity
  • The availability of seasonal storage infrastructure
  • The main challenges of high-density hydrogen storage and the potential solutions

16:50 End of Summit

Day Two >>>

27th  January 2021

Stream 2 – USA & Global Hydrogen

08:00 Registration and Coffee

09:00 Chair Opening Remarks

09:15 US & Global Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Market Overview

  • Global market analysis
  • Sustainable development of energy, moving into the hydrogen energy society
  • US, Canada & Global Hydrogen Energy Development and Policy Overview

10:15 Assessing Government Perspectives on the US Hydrogen Industry and Future Opportunities

  • Hydrogen policy overview by state
  • California’s take on hydrogen development
  • Planning of hydrogen energy infrastructure distribution

11:15 Networking and Coffee Break

11:45 Review of North American & Global Projects and Case Studies

  • Discussing the latest projects and their impact
  • US and Canada business models
  • Analysis of the development of international hydrogen energy technology for the North American market

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Impact of the Hydrogen Market on the Global Economy

  • Solving cost problems of production
  • Comparing regions with lower electricity costs
  • Exploring how hydrogen is expanding into new markets and states
  • Supporting collaboration between utilities and original equipment manufacturers throughout the supply chain

15:30 Hydrogen Advancements in Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles & Transport Fleets

  • Hydrogen production to power an on-road heavy duty transportation fleet in North America
  • The Environmental footprint for trucking
  • Hydrogen rail – the status of the hydrail solution

16:30 Refreshments

17:00 Decarbonising Maritime Vessels & Ports and Transitioning to Hydrogen Energy

  • Zero-emission vessels: transition pathways
  • Identifying clean energy options for global shipping
  • Transport and storage in liquid carriers

18:00 Close of Day One

Day Two >>>



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